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Career Transition Playbook

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Career Transition Playbook

Paul Millerd
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Make A Massive Shift In Your Career

This 10-step interactive playbook was created by experienced career coach Paul Millerd, who has helped people make massive career shifts:

  • Shifting from being a teacher to a strategy consultant at a top firm
  • Leaving non-profit work to become a recruiting manager
  • Landing a job at the White House
  • Getting accepted into top schools like MIT and Harvard

Interactive PDF Document

This 10-step "playbook" is a set of exercises, tools and tips needed to transition in your career.  The document includes many editable fields which you can use for self-reflection and to track your progress.  This playbook includes exercises on:

  • Understanding your values
  • Assessing your strengths
  • Telling your story
  • Leveraging your network
  • Dealing with failure
  • Upgrading your resume and LinkedIn
  • and more...
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