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Tim Ferriss - Tame Your Fear Exercise

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Tim Ferriss - Tame Your Fear Exercise

Paul Millerd
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Whether it is money, health, acceptance or failure to meet your goals, this exercise will help you re-frame your thoughts on your fear of taking action.  

This Exercise includes three fillable PDF sheets that will walk you through the fear setting process, having you complete "fear sentences" and then do the six step fear setting process:

  • Identify the “shift” or change you are making
  • List the worst possible outcomes
  • Identify actions you could take to mitigate those actions
  • List some steps or actions you might take to get back to where you are today
  • What could be some benefits of an attempt or partial success? (What might you learn? What skills might you develop?)
  • What is the cost of inaction (in 3 months, 12 months and 3 years)?
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